Pudiya short film available on YouTube

Short film Pudiya is now available for free viewing on YouTube. I have written the music and Massimiliano Borghesi, who is also based in Trieste, provided the sound design for this short drama. It has been our second collaboration with the US-based director Ratish Sekhar.

Out Now – The Comforting Warmth of Winter

My new solo album is out! While this is not the very first record I release, it is a sort of debut for me as an electronic music artist. Outside of any particular genre boundaries, with no natural constraints of writing for a more collaborative media, this is my attempt to bring a very personal musical expression and inner sound world to life. I hope you enjoy this introspective exploration of the cold season!

Cinematic Moods

Short mixes (about 20 minutes each) of my music for various media compiled by mood.

  1. Action, percussive, trailer impacts, epic, intense and dramatic tracks.

2. Moody, atmospheric, gloomy and soothing cinematic tracks.

3. Dreamy, relaxing, positive and romantic electronic-acoustic tracks.