Music playlists organized by theme/genre.

Symphonic works, hybrid epic trailer music, orchestral stories, action and suspense, original cross-genre compositions featuring piano and electronic instruments.

Featured Tracks / Start Here

A mixed collection of my music in various genres to start with. This playlist is also featured on the first page.

More playlists:

Soundtrack, Film Music

Excepts from my works for film and visuals inspired soundtrack. For more action-oriented music see below.

Cinematic Action and Trailer Music

Epic action, cinematic suspense and impacts, orchestral and hybrid trailer music.

Inspiring, Dreamy and Light

Vibrant uplifting music for visual-driven media and romantic themes.

Cinematic Emotions and Orchestral Adventures

Fantasy world adventures, atmospheric soundtracks and symphonic themes.

Original electroacoustic compositions

Emotional electroacoustic explorations orbiting around piano, electronic and cinematic music.

+++ Solo works are being released on Bandcamp. +++