Selected video works: visual media, film, trailers, commercials.

|DEMO REEL| 5-minute media and film mixed genres demo reel.

|ANIMATION| Short animation film ‘La Détente’ rescored for the Transatlantyk film music competition. Directors: Pierre Ducos and Betrand Bey. See the original here.

|FILM| Short film Lichen rescored for the Transatlantyk film music competition. Writer / Director: Kevin Lim. See the original here.

|DOCUMENTARY| Portrait of the Swedish artist Johan Carlsten, my Ambient Piano as the soundtrack. Directed by Joakim Lloyd Raboff.

|ANIMATION| 2-minute long animation ‘Burdie’ with my original soundtrack and audio mix. Directed by Justina Hnatowicz.

|COMMERCIAL| Rolls-Royce Munich video featuring a cinematic piece. Produced by Motion Picture Entertainment.

|ANIMATION| Wheel of Life is a visual poem with featuring my original music and sound. Directed by Tamara Maksimovic.

|COMMERCIAL| Nature/eco-themed commercial for Copperant colors, Netherlands. Video produced by Cinefy.

|GAME TRAILER| Space Pirate Trainer game trailer featuring Hollywood Trailer piece. Developed by I-Illusions. The game is now available on Steam.

|TRAILER| Swerve web-Series trailer. Various tracks, all music starting from 0:47. Directed by Pasha Eshghi.

|SOLO WORK| Outburst. A performance video of the original piano + electronics piece.

You can find more videos featuring my music on the Blog / News page.