Raffi Kharajanyan 80-years celebration concert

I will perform at the concert in Riga, Latvia in April 2024 to celebrate the 80th birthday of my most important artistic mentor, pianist and professor Raffi Kharajanyan.

I will play a few special piano versions of my original pieces, including two movie soundtrack fragments. Plus a few other composers’ pieces in ensembles with my teacher, as well as ex-students of Raffi. This piano class reunion and celebration is organized thanks to the initiative of a well-known Latvian pianist Reinis Zariņš. The event will happen in the main hall of the Latvian Academy of Music, where I have studied.

For those in Riga – tickets are here.

Piano City Trieste

This September Trieste will be the location of a very exciting festival Piano City, filling up numerous public spaces with all types of music for piano, three days in a row. And I am honoured to be part of it.

A totally new program for solo piano that I will perform on Sunday, September 15, consists mostly of my own compositions, some very recently finished, and a few short classical music pieces. This is an easy-listening experience (compared to a strictly classical concert) that will fit casual classical and cinematic music listeners.

13 – 15 September 2019

LOCATION: Lettera Viva
Viale XX Settembre, 31/B, Trieste
TIME: 15:00

The venue is a beautiful cozy tea room with an upright piano. That’s one of many locations of the Piano City Trieste festival this September.

Romantic, charming and cinematic: a blend of original pieces, b-sides from my works for films, and a touch of classics. The performance will be about 45-50 minutes long. Welcome!

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