Apulia Soundtrack Awards 2023

It’s been a real pleasure to be part of the beautifully organized Apulia Soundtrack Awards 2023 in Carovigno. I was one of the Emerging Composers selected for the eventful programme of masterclasses, networking, awards and concerts.

Our masterclasses included an amazing lineup of experienced film music professionals: Simon Franglen (Composer of Avatar: The Way of Water), Ray Costa, George Christopoulos, Myriam Cutler, Laurent Levesque, David Imbault, Gabriel Marini, Marco Guazzone, Roberto Fia, Denis Furne and Cyril Morin (the organizer of the festival).

Emerging Composer at the Apulia Sountrack Awards

I was selected as one of the Emerging Composers at the Apulia Soundtrack Awards 2023! The festival celebrates film music, different generations of film composers and their work.

And this involves 3 of my soundtracks.

Skoraj polnoč / Almost Midnight is directed by Jan Fabris, produced with Elephant Art Film Production, amazing camera work (a one-take film!) by Vida Habjanič. Sound mixed by Julij Zornik.

Wheel of Life is a creative tandem with Tamara Maksimovic and produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina with AEON Production.

And one more Slovenian film is The Disappearance of Evelin Gale directed by Jan Fabris and also produced with Elephant Art Film Production. This is a very recent film (hence, unlike the other two fragments, you don’t see the actual scene in the video). This film features a great trio of actors: Miha Rodman, Lara Fortuna and Lea Mihevc.

The Music of Resurfacing

I am telling a (very condensed) story of an unusual soundtrack where I had to emulate being a psychedelic rock band and write for an electric guitar. Short film Spominjanje / Resurfacing was produced in Slovenia, written and directed by Jan Fabris. The sound mix of the film was done by the renowned Slovenian sound designer Julij Zornik.

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