Interview fragments

This spring I got interviewed by the British journalist Tom Warner. We spoke about creative paths, soundtracks and how music works with film, competitions and what they bring, how to not write “cool” music for its own sake, childhood demands of a future musician, developing skills and the difficulties of presenting oneself. Here are a few snippets of that conversation.

The Music of Resurfacing

I am telling a (very condensed) story of an unusual soundtrack where I had to emulate being a psychedelic rock band and write for an electric guitar. Short film Spominjanje / Resurfacing was produced in Slovenia, written and directed by Jan Fabris. The sound mix of the film was done by the renowned Slovenian sound designer Julij Zornik.

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Improvised Peace out on Bandcamp

Today Improvised Peace EP was released on Bandcamp. This is a short ambient/neoclassical piano-focused record that appeared as a reaction to the recent events in Europe. I am related to all the nations involved, so yes, this is quite personal. Yet, I wouldn’t like to join the hypocrisy of presenting one particular war as somehow more tragic and significant than others happening around the planet right now. No political statements, no flags, no self-deluded declamations. I just want to dedicate this small artistic gesture to the dream of the world where wars are simply impossible. The dream that is still alive, but is far from coming true.

…Here is a small secret about this release: there are two bonus tracks in the download which are currently Bandcamp-exclusive. Click Buy Digital Album and enter zero to get it for free or any other amount you’d like to pay to support my work, which is always appreciated!