Oticons Film Music Competition Finalist

I’ve become Oticons Film Music Competition finalist (top 30 out of 172 participants) this year. Here are my works.

Task 1: From Here To Eternity
Memorable main theme.

Task 2: Battle of the Bows
Epic action using strings only.

Task 3: Envision the Notes
Soundtrack based on a script of one scene.
The scene that is scored here: a couple is standing embracing in front of a castle that is built on a cliff. It’s night time, the wind is howling, clouds are moving fast in the moonlight… A dialogue between the characters reveals a dramatic mystery behind their love.

Into Nature

I don’t write music that is super fitting to the stock music market highest demand, but then it’s even more interesting how unpredictably some tracks get popular, while other that seemed promising don’t fly at all.

‘Into Nature’ is a standout from what I have released to the production music market in the end of last 2016.