One Hour of Nothing

One Hour of Nothing is an entirely improvisational ambient music and piano live performance. A simple setup allows me to switch between a few sounds on two keyboards and optionally send what I am playing into a very long echo effect, essentially functioning as an atmospheric tape-style looper. Each echo-repeat gets more muffled and washed out, forming multi-layered soundscapes. So with what I’ve got – 8 instruments in total (2 pianos, 1 electric piano, 4 pad-like instruments, 1 pluck-key synths) I start layering these sounds and just follow my intuition…

Interview fragments

This spring I got interviewed by the British journalist Tom Warner. We spoke about creative paths, soundtracks and how music works with film, competitions and what they bring, how to not write “cool” music for its own sake, childhood demands of a future musician, developing skills and the difficulties of presenting oneself. Here are a few snippets of that conversation.

Outburst video

This was a fun community competition, in which a small 30-second fragment (chord progression) was provided to build upon (it was used in the final peaceful phase of the track). Having just 5 days to record the music, shoot and edit the video, I came up with this dramatic composition.