Out Now – The Comforting Warmth of Winter

My new solo album is out! While this is not the very first record I release, it is a sort of debut for me as an electronic music artist. Outside of any particular genre boundaries, with no natural constraints of writing for a more collaborative media, this is my attempt to bring a very personal musical expression and inner sound world to life. I hope you enjoy this introspective exploration of the cold season!

Ambient Distancing Album

Today I have released an out-of-isolation ambient music album. Very slow-moving, atmospheric and time perception twisting soundscapes using various techniques of layering and disintegrating looping.

The lockdown due to the coronavirus began in the middle of March, the world outside suddenly stopped. With little activity the city noises were so subdued, by late afternoon it all sounded like night. This confusing, unusual, but soothingly peaceful situation made me search for some new ways to write music, without expecting some external reasons and deadlines to do so. Since it was prohibited to go anywhere much I looked up instead. For a week every day I was recording a video of the sky above my head and writing an ambient music track.

I tend to overthink and overwrite my music a lot, thanks to the academical music education perhaps. Self-imposing a challenge of finishing a small music piece every day was refreshing and creating an interesting shift in my workflow: there is no time for reflection, the only choice is to trust the intuition. I decided on some interesting technique to use and stick to for each track as a tool for constructing an emotional journey. Maybe this method allows to capture something unique that might get lost in music that went through months and months of work?

Reviewing and improving these tracks further took much longer than originally writing them. I didn’t want to clean them up of all imperfections, but rather to make them technically appropriate for any mode of listening while preserving their in-the-moment essence.

Here are five skywatching moments of the quarantine. Did time go faster or slower in isolation? And where did Monday and Thursday go anyway?.. 

The album is free to download in your favorite format (mp3, flac, wav…).

Ambient Distancing on Bandcamp

Ambient Distancing

Every day during the last week I was recording and releasing an ambient music track with a video. I called this series Ambient Distancing / The World in Quarantine. In these times of absent external deadlines this was a new way for me to approach creativity in a disciplined manner. Instead of the usual obsessive perfectionism, to finish writing quickly, I had to just let it flow and let it go. But maybe it captures something unique that might get lost in music that went through month and months of work?

Each video is the sky about Trieste, Italy (and, of course, it couldn’t be any other location due to the strict movement limitations).

These daily ambient explorations are playing with creative looping, slow polyrhythmic structures and layering. The sound palette includes synths, soft guitars, processed textures and pianos.