Ruslan is a composer, pianist and an experienced music performer.

Ruslan Perezhilo composer pianist

Ruslan Perezhilo is a cinematic and electroacoustic music composer, pianist, digital audio professional. Presently his focus is on film music and visual media music licensing fields. In 2017 Ruslan gained recognition at two international film music competitions. Professional jury at the Oticons Faculty noted his aptitude to create clear and compelling drama, ability to hold listeners attention, artistic courage and invention. And this summer Ruslan became the I Prize Winner at the Transatlantyk Film Music Competition.

He studied music from early childhood. A classically trained pianist, several piano competitions laureate, experienced stage performer. He began working with digital audio around 1999 and since then constantly learned new production tools and techniques, expanding his musical universe. His style brings together classical music traditions, modern hybrid soundtrack and electronic music influences.

As a solo producer Ruslan writes and performs crossover electroacoustic music. Leading role of the piano suggests something neoclassical or jazz oriented, deeply melodic and thoughtfully structured. Electronic and acoustic instruments merge together, percussion may vary from electronic music standard kit of kick and snare to ambient sounds, clicks, glitches and subtle noises. Musical storytelling and emotional communication is at the centre of it all.
Oticons 2017 Finalist

Lately Ruslan is expanding his abilities by learning the art of orchestration and immensely enjoying the process of writing for motion pictures. Detailed and expressive orchestral instrumentation is trickling into both solo records and visual media works.

Ruslan’s music was licensed by Zynga,
Outfit7, Groupon, Rolls-Royce Munich, Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung, various TV channels, media companies, video producers and artists around the world.

Originally from Riga, Latvia, Ruslan belongs to the new generation of European media composers keen on the multinational and multicultural collaborations. Was a resident of Helsinki, Finland for 5 long dark winters and 4 short wonderful summers. Currently living in Trieste, Italy in vicinity of Slovenian and Croatians borders.

Education: 20+ Years, Master’s Degree in Music
Digital Audio Experience: 17+ Years
Creative Fields: Film & Games, Music for Media
Main Genres: Orchestral Soundtrack, Hybrid Cinematic, Piano, Experimental Electronic, Downtempo and Ambient




Film and animation soundtrack, music for games, commercials and other media, trailer scoring, advanced audio editing, mixed music collages and other production music services.

For low budget projects looking for a soundtrack, among other options I can propose adapting previously composed music, which is a great compromise between licensing a pre-existing track and composing an original score. Find something that suits the idea among my existing music library and we can talk about how to make it a perfect fit to your creative idea. Students and non-profit organizations are welcome to contact me as well.


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